Conveniently located in Sandyford Office Park, directly opposite the Luas “Sandyford” stop, Sandyford Wellness Centre is a multi-disciplinary clinic providing clients with the support and learning they need to live life in a healthy and positive way.  We have Counsellors and Pychotherapists available for daytime, evening and Saturday appointments.  We also have a low cost counselling service on Saturdays and selected weekday mornings with fully supervised, trainee counsellors – subject to assessment for suitability. Please enquire via our Contact Form.

Mindfulness for Ending Emotional and Binge Eating

1 Day Workshop

When: Sunday 9th September 2018

Where: The Beacon Hotel, Sandyford (2 mins from Luas Green Line “Kilmacud” stop)

Time: 10am – 4pm

Fee: €95 for one place, or €160 for two places.


Emotional Eating and Binge Eating are almost impossible to tackle with Willpower alone. Habits, or auto-pilot, are the biggest block to change, and Emotional Eating IS a habit. And when you repeatedly eat bad food for comfort, instead of comforting you it causes you to feel even worse.  And if you break one of your food rules once, the ‘all or nothing’ thinking kicks in and that is it for that day, or even that week! Am I right?

When you are stuck in this cycle, you have almost zero chance to break out of it with Willpower alone. Why not?

Well, once your brain ‘records’ a habit loop of behaviour, it files it away under ‘Autopilot’, and we find it VERY difficult to change as a result – your brain is way ahead of you! That’s why so many clients tell me about the ‘out of body’ experience of emotional eating and bingeing – does this resonate with you? That feeling of literally being out of control, even though you desperately want to stop?

Mindfulness for Ending Emotional Eating and Binge Eating Workshop

My combination of CBT, Neuroscience and Mindfulness will teach you how to step OUT of auto-pilot, allowing you to make different choices. You will also learn new strategies to help reduce bingeing and emotional eating that you can begin to use immediately.

We will be doing mindfulness and other experiential exercises throughout the day too. You will leave feeling far more empowered and able to truly tackle and change your unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food.

Previous Testimonials from Mindfulness for Emotional Eating Workshop:

Q: Which elements of the workshop did you find most useful? 

A: The Habit Interruption “awareness” was great. Really practical and useful.

A: It was really useful to be in a group, feel I’m not alone and have shared testimonials of people going through the same issue as me. The exercises and techniques were great, the material very useful and the atmosphere was supportive.”

A: The Loving Kindness meditation, the self-love and forgiveness – as a reminder to be kinder to myself, to be my own best friend.”

“This was a really great experience for me. I now feel that I understand why I eat emotionally, but also what I can do to take back ownership, and how to change habits for the good. The mindfulness experiences were great too.”

“Thank you for a wonderful day with loads of practical advice and meditations. I feel lighter, stronger and more empowered now.”

“I found understanding the brain so helpful i.e. Trigger, Craving etc. It was like Emma could look into my mind. I would highly recommend this workshop. I’ll be taking lots of skills away with me. Thanks so much Emma.”

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I look forward to seeing you there! Warmly, Emma


Please note we unfortunately cannot offer any placement or volunteer opportunities, as we are committed to a contract to provide placements to a specific college.  We regret that we cannot enter into correspondence with any students/graduates in this regard. Thank you!

Some of Our Specialist Services:

Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety can affect both our physical and mental well-being.   Severe Stress, Panic Attacks, OCD, Social Phobia and Generalised Anxiety Disorder can all have a significant impact on our ability to get on with our day to day activities and relationships.  Learn more about our  8 week program using CBT to alleviate symptoms and address underlying issues here: Anxiety Counselling


For individuals struggling to cope with feelings of depression and anxiety, whether it is a single episode following a life event, or an onging issue,  if you or a loved one are experiencing suicidal thoughts, or engaging in self harm   Learn more about our Depression Counselling here.

Eating Disorders

We have a well deserved reputation as a centre providing support to any adult struggling with Anorexia, Restricted Eating, Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Compulsive Overeating and anyone trapped in a cycle of ‘Serial Dieting’ – Diet/Crash/Binge/Guilt Diet.  If you are looking for treatment or support for any form of disordered eating we can help. We have both specialist Counsellors with advanced training and years of experience, and an experienced Nutritional Therapist at our centre.    Learn more about our Eating Disorder Support here.

Please note we do not work with anyone under 18 years of age. Please refer to your GP for assessment and onward referral to CAMHS – the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, who have dedicated staff who work with teenagers struggling with Disordered Eating.

Infertility, IVF/Donor IVF, Grief and Loss

Struggling to conceive, considering donor egg or sperm, or working through the grief and loss experienced through unsuccessful fertility treatment or by miscarriage, are all deeply upsetting and difficult aspects of family building to cope with.  To access support from a confidential, safe and very experienced counsellor, please read more here:  Infertility Counselling

Coping With Chronic Illness

Whether you have been diagnosed yourself with a chronic illness or you are a family member, we have specialist support available here at Sandyford Wellness Centre.  Illnesses such as Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Fybromyalgia, Lupus, ME or any other long term illness that you or a loved one have to learn to live with, have significant impact, on both the patient and their families.  Learning how to manage, care for yourself and/or your loved one and accessing supports will all help enormously and improve relationships as you adapt to your situation. For support with a chronic illness, email us in confidence via our Contact Form or contact Geraldine Dunne directly via our Counsellors Directory.

Suicide & Self Harm

We have experienced counsellors to help anyone who is struggling with suicidal thoughts, or with family members/friends who have lost someone to suicide.  For more information,  please contact us in complete confidence here.

Low Cost Counselling

We provide a low cost counselling service on Saturdays and selected weekdays.  This service is provided by Counsellors in Training, who are fully supervised by Emma Murphy MIACP, owner of Sandyford Wellness Centre, and Debbie Farrell MIACP.

The Low Cost Service is available to all but is subject to assessment to ensure the presenting issue is suitable for a Counsellor in Training.  For example, active Addiction, Couples Therapy or an Eating Disorder would not be suitable issues.

Your first appointment is with Debbie Farrell MIACP who is an experienced, Accredited Counsellor, and the cost of the assessment is €60. If suitable, you will be assigned to your Counsellor and the cost per session thereafter is €25. Progress will be reviewed every 6 weeks between you and your Counsellor, and during our in-house supervision.  Please contact us by email via our Contact Page and enquire about booking an assessment for this service.

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