Low Self-Esteem


Most people experience low self-esteem at some point in their lives. It is a natural response to situations such as a job loss or the breakdown of a relationship. For most people this period lasts only an appropriate length of time before they feel better about themselves again.

However, other people don’t bounce back so easily, and may continue to feel bad about themselves long after the traumatic event occurs.  Other people may feel as if they have always felt unsure of themselves, or that they are “not good enough”, and this could be linked back to their childhood, when perhaps they weren’t praised or validated, or where parents were ‘unavailable’ to them emotionally.

This can happen with a parent who abused alcohol or drugs, who experienced depression or another chronic illness, or maybe with parents who separated at a vulnerable time for the children in the family.

Signs Of Low Self-esteem

· Feeling tired a lot of the time
· Having little motivation
· Feeling bored with life
· Feeling you don’t have much to look forward to
· Thinking negatively about your abilities
· Thinking negatively about possible opportunities
· Feelings of failure
· Feelings of hopelessness
· Feeling Depressed


Low self-esteem is quite common today.  We are under enormous pressure to ‘perform’, at work, socially, as a parent, and in terms of how we look and how we age. Women today may feel under more pressure than previous generations, as the media bombards us with the concepts of “doing it all” and “having it all”.  If low self-esteem is not resolved, sufferers can go on to develop other problems, such as drug or alcohol dependency, depression and feelings of hopelessness.

Our experienced Counsellors at Sandyford Wellness Centre recognise the importance of building self-esteem and offer counselling to help change negative thinking patterns and help you gain a feeling of self- worth and self-belief.  We can also support you in addressing depression, and/or any negative behaviour you might be engaging in as a result of how you feel, including drinking too much, regularly using recreational or prescription drugs and disordered eating including  binge eating, emotional eating or bulimia.

Please check our counsellors directory to find the counsellor most suited to you. All of our practitioners can work with you to develop a better sense of your own self-worth, and you can also find a specialist in any of the areas mentioned above.