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Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Psychologists at Sandyford Wellness Centre, South Dublin. 

Our professional team of Practitioners are fully qualified and unless stated, are accredited by a national accrediting body. We have specialist Counsellors, Therapists and Psychologists in the following areas:

Anxiety, Addiction, Bereavement, Binge Eating Disorder, Coping with a Chronic Illness Diagnosis, Depression, Eating Disorders, EMDR, Emotional Eating, Gambling Addiction, Stress, Trauma, Workplace Issues.

Counsellors are listed here in alphabetical order by surname and all are fully qualified to work with common issues. To find a specific speciality please hover your mouse over ‘Counselling’ in the Header Menu for a drop down list of all specialist areas we deal with, or browse the directory below for the specialist counsellor you need.

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Mark Chris Burke - Counsellor

Areas of Speciality: Anxiety, depression, grief and loss, stress, conflict, trauma and working with adolescents. Available Online and in person? YES I am a pre-accredited Counsellor using an Integrative model of person-centred, CBT and psychodynamic counselling.  My goal is to work with you to bring about insight into what is holding you back, and remove the barriers and obstacles you have to experiencing life more fully, joyfully and with deep presence. Counselling creates a safe, confidential space in which you feel fully heard and understood. This safe space will allow you to explore and process distressing feelings and emotions. By developing awareness of current or past distresses, together we’ll find understanding, and develop healthier ways of coping. Mark is Pre-Accredited with the IACP.   Email Mark  Call Mark: 086 3824794 

Areas of Speciality: Anxiety, Bereavement, Trauma, Emotional Eating & Binge Eating Disorder – Eating Freely Practitioner

Rosaria is also a native Italian speaker.

 I will work with you collaboratively to explore and reflect on the thoughts and feelings you experience, and how they impact you.  As you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, your past and your current difficulties. we will work through these challenges and find healthy solutions.  Using self-compassion as the basis of all our work together, you can finally learn how to love yourself enough to let go of what no longer serves you.

I have worked with a range of clients of different ages, ethnicities and genders who have experienced difficulties in their lives such as bullying,  emotional & binge eating life-stage changes, stress, relationship difficulties, health issues, anxiety, depression, bereavement and loss.

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Rosaria Chiappone MIACP - Counsellor

Geraldine Dunne MIACP - Counsellor

 Areas of speciality: Coping with Chronic or Long Term Illness and Acquired Injury for both patient and family members.

Since 2001 I have worked with people who have acquired a long term illness and their families, providing emotional support and counselling on a wide range of issues such as coping with a diagnosis of a serious illness, dealing with the onset of disability and the changes involved for an individual/family.

I have also worked individually with adults on issues such as management of stress, anxiety, depression, significant life changes, loneliness and bereavement.  My passion is for empowering people to overcome the obstacles and challenges that they may experience in their lives, and to live the life of their choice to their fullest potential.

In 2013 I trained in the use of Mindfulness for Therapists and this has greatly influenced me in my work with clients as well as in my own personal life.

My aim is to create a safe, confidential space for my clients and my approach is Person-Centred, although I also use CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy and Mindfulness.  I am also a qualified, experienced Holistic Therapist, and I have a particular interest in stress management, and facilitating people to find their own individual way of dealing with stress in their lives. 

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Call Geraldine: 086 8566464.

Areas of Speciality: 

Immigration and relocation, cross-cultural relationships, foreign language living, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, relationship difficulties, stress, conflict, trauma, addiction, supportive therapy for individuals coping with mental illness and family members.

Enav sees patients in English and Czech.
Available Online and in person? YES

I have worked as a psychotherapist in multiple countries and cultural contexts, in the community and in psychiatric hospitals, since the year 1998. My approach is collaborative, I work in cooperation with my clients to find the most suitable therapeutic approach for their needs, and to establish a safe and open therapeutic environment.

I do psychodynamic psychotherapy. Therapy is aimed at relieving symptoms, increasing introspection and self-compassion, thus improving overall well-being and freedom. In the
sessions, we talk of present and past thoughts, feelings and experiences, working through them and making new sense of them. At times, my patients and I choose to combine directive, Cognitive Behavioural or other therapeutic tools.

Contact Enav by WhatsApp at +353876057233

Enav Or Gordon, Clinical Psychologist

Riadhna Holahan MIACP - Counsellor

Areas of Speciality: Problematic Substance Use/ Addiction, General Counselling. Riadhna also works with adolescents and is a Family Systems Therapist.

Available Online and in Person?  YES

I am an experienced, competent and professional Psychotherapist with a passion for working collaboratively with her clients, empowering them to enhance their quality of life.

I offer general, integrative therapeutic support for anyone experiencing issues affecting their quality of life in 1:1, family and group settings.  I specialise in Problematic Substance Use/ Addiction and related issues in both adults and adolescents and their families and also work in Community Mental Health in this area.   I will help you to let go of unhelpful and unhealthy behaviours and coping strategies by developing true self-compassion, understanding and awareness.  With awareness and understanding comes freedom as you learn how to respond appropriately, not react unconsciously, to the triggers and stressors of life.

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Areas of Speciality: EMDR, Trauma, Anxiety, Depression, CBT, Mindfulness and Workplace Stress. I also work with adolescents.


Available Online and in person? YES

Aneta has over 15 years of experience as a clinical psychologist at Our Lady’s Children Hospital, Crumlin. Since gaining validation from the Irish Psychological Association in 2004 she has worked with many trauma survivors and has contributed to several psychological publications.

Aneta is trained in the use of Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) for adults and children, having noted research on its effectiveness in treating trauma, depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, panic attacks, eating disorders, addiction and anxiety. She also uses EMDR for well-functioning people seeking to decrease fear and stress to help boost their confidence and self-esteem. She is a member of the EMDR Ireland Regional Group and is actively involved in developing the use of this popular new evidence-based treatment in Ireland.

Aneta offers EMDR therapy to enable people to heal from emotional distress and psychological difficulties – whether these present a major life challenge or simply prevent people from achieving maximum performance in work or other spheres of life.

Aneta’s training as a clinical psychologist and many years of clinical work has provided her with a broad understanding of human behaviour and emotions across their lifespan. She is also trained in cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and trauma-focused CBT.

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To contact Aneta directly please Call Aneta:  087 132 3843 

Aneta Maliszewska-Billingham, Clinical Psychologist

Areas of Speciality:Anxiety and Depression, Psychological Trauma, Relationship Difficulties, Family Problems, Parenting Difficulties, Intimacy Issues, Abandonment Issues, Difficulties Managing Emotions, Self-Injurious Behaviours, Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues, OCD, Panic & Phobias, Eating & Body Image Issues, Personality Disorders, Psychological Aspects of Illness & Injury, Acquired Brain Injury, Motivation & Performance Difficulties.

Available Online and in person? YES, Dublin and Wexford

I am a Clinical Psychologist and Yoga teacher, with a Masters degree in Sport & Exercise Psychology. I have worked in a number of HSE and community settings with people experiencing mental health problems, intellectual disability and physical health conditions. This includes work with children, adults and older adults. Most recently, I worked as Clinical Psychologist in the South East for Acquired Brain Injury Ireland. 

I work with adults and adolescents (aged 16+) and provide therapy for individuals, couples and families.


As a therapist, I adopt a trauma-informed, psychodynamic approach to my work. I also have experience and training in CBT, Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy. I am an advocate for the importance of the mind-body connection and the benefits of movement, breath work and mindfulness / meditation for mental well-being.

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Dr Janine O'Gorman

Dr Janine O'Gorman - Clinical Psychologist

Karolina Banaszkiewicz, a Counsellor in South Dublin

Karolina Szem - Counsellor

Areas of Speciality: I work with Adult Survivors of Childhood Abuse and Trauma and clients who experience depression, post-traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety, grief and loss, addiction, low self-esteem, relationship issues, and life changes and transitions. I have a particular interest in transgenerational trauma and shame. Trauma impacts our well-being socially, and emotionally, and the development of our brain.

Available Online and in person? YES

Languages: English and Polish

I am a pre-accredited member of the Irish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy IACP. 

My training is  rooted in Integrative Psychotherapy, which considers the whole person. To enable people to heal from emotional distress and psychological difficulties I work with different therapeutic models, depending on clients’ needs in the atmosphere of safety and acceptance. 

 To assist clients with overcoming obstacles and releasing limiting beliefs, I work with: Somatic Psychology, Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection, Narrative Therapy, Inner Child work, Mindfulness, Schema Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt, Existential Therapy, Positive Psychology, grounding techniques and theatre-inspired techniques (such as storytelling and metaphor). 

As an antidote to painful experiences, I support clients in restoring their capacity to play, connect and thrive in the community, by growing the ”C” qualities: curiosity, clarity, creativity, commitment, calm, courage, compassion, and confidence.

Karolina is Pre-Accredited with the IACP. 

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Call Karolina: 085 7748269