Online Counselling

Online counselling is now available from our experienced Therapists

Here at Sandyford Wellness Centre we have offered Online Counselling for many years.  We have always specialised in Disordered Eating, and as a specialist area that is hard to access for many, several of our specialists have worked online with clients around the world – from the Middle East to South Africa, the USA, Canada and the UK.

How does Online Counselling Work?

Online Counselling is exactly the same as in-person counselling, except it happens via your device, laptop or phone.  However, there are some real advantages to Online Counselling, which include being able to access professional support from the comfort of your own home, continue being able to attend sessions if you are away from home and of course feeling safe at this time if you are unsure about attending in-person due to health concerns.

Is It Confidential?

All online platforms are now fully secure and encrypted, so you can be confident in the safety and security of your online session.  Thanks to Covid, the world moved online and with that, all online platforms had to very quickly adapt and ensure that business could be conducted online – confidentially and securely.

Counsellors and Psychotherapists have additional guidelines to follow around delivering services online, and all of our practitioners are fully qualified, accredited professionals who are members of national organisations who oversee the safe and ethical delivery of counselling and psychotherapy services.

To enquire about Online Counselling, check our Directory of Counsellors to find the right specialist for you and contact them directly, or send us your enquiry via our Contact Form.

Online Counselling