Room Rental

Therapy Room Rental Sandyford, D18

Sandyford Wellness Centre is an established South Dublin practice very conveniently located in Sandyford Office Park, directly opposite the Luas Green Line and 2 mins from Exits 13/14 off the M50. 

Ample parking is available at evenings and weekends, and there are several designated parking spaces outside the door during the working week.  There is a large convenient cachement area for potential clients directly surrounding the centre.

Our bright and airy rooms are suitable for individual and couples counselling, ideal for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists or Psychiatrists private practice or any consultation service such as health coaching, executive coaching, nutritional therapy etc. 

All of our rooms can accommodate a pracitioner and 2 clients – suitable for couples or individuals. 

Our larger attic room can take small groups of up to 6 people.  This room also easily accommodates a plinth but there are mobility restrictions – it is not suitable for clients with limited mobility as it is only accessible by two flights of stairs.

Two of our rooms have chairs that can be reclined and have foot rests, making them very suitable for hypnotherapy or reiki. They each also have a pull out desk for writing notes or using a laptop for online clients.

The rooms are available daytime, evening and at weekends, subject to availability. 


Our room rental is based on a minimum of 4 hours a week, booked in a block. Rent starts at €15 per hour and reduces as weekly usage increases down to a minimum of €10 per hour.  Rent is all inclusive – no additional utilies or referral fees.

Rooms are available on a minimum of 4 hours per week basis – preferably booked in a block.  Monthly rent is payable in advance direct to our bank account.  Invoices and receipts are issued for accounting purposes.


We have an online room booking system for on-the-go access to easily accept or move appointments, and a Whatsapp group for practitioners to allow for easy referrals and other communication.

You will be listed on our website so clients can find you and contact you directly.

Rent includes all utilities and we do not charge referral fees – referrals are evenly distributed among all practitioners.


Please feel free to enquire about renting a room from us regardless of your discipline. 

Currently we would particularly welcome Counsellors, Psychotherapists or Psychologists who have experience of working with addiction, as this is a key issue we receive a lot of enquiries about.  We would also welcome a Couples/Relationships Therapist.  

We always welcome practitioners with experience in Eating Disorders as it is a specialist area of the centre, and a Nutritional Therapist with experience of working with disordered eating would also be welcome.  

Whilst we cannot ever guarantee referrals, all enquiries and referrals are shared out between practitioners and can help support your practice alongside of your own advertising and marketing campaigns.  We do not charge any additional fees for referrals.


We do not offer trainee placements on an individual basis, we have an arrangement with one of the colleges to provide placements to them, so please do not request a placement as we cannot facilitate any other students at the centre.

For more information on rates and availability please Contact Us.