Eating Freely Program

Eating Freely is a Specialist Program for Emotional Eating, Binge Eating & Bulimia

Here at Sandyford Wellness Centre, we have always specialised in all aspects of disordered eating.    Emma Murphy MIACP,  owner of Sandyford Wellness, has specialised in this area for over 12 years, and now trains other therapists in this specialist area.  

Out of her experience over the past 10 years, Emma Murphy developed a  structured, time-limited Program which WORKS, to finally resolve your relationship with food, weight and yourself.  Combining CBT, Nutrition, Neuroscience and Mindfulness, Eating Freely is your key to finding TRUE freedom around food, forever.

We are proud to have  several Eating Freely Practitioners here at the centre, around Ireland and now in the UK too. 


How The Eating Freely Program Works

First, you can book a FREE, no obligation online consultation with a Counsellor, specifically trained and with experience in all aspects of eating distress. This takes around 30 minutes and allows us to discuss what you need and how we can help.

Once you sign up, your Eating Freely Program gives you a total of 14 sessions over about 20 weeks of highly structured, regular support as follows:

You will have 12  sessions with your Eating Freely Therapist. You will start attending weekly, then move to fortnightly later in the program;

You will have 2 sessions with an Eating Freely Nutritional Therapist, which can be online or in person, to give you a personalised Eating Freely Nutritional Rehabilitation plan and Eating Freely For Life plan. These sessions happen in week 2 and week 8;

You will have exclusive access to an accompanying Online Program to remind you of the themes being covered in sessions, which along with additional material builds into a comprehensive online course that you have lifetime access to after finishing the program.

This comprehensive program, offering continuous support in person and online for up to 20 weeks and beyond, will help you to:

a) learn practical tools and strategies to help manage your unhelpful behaviours better;

b) explore your current ways of coping and develop healthier solutions to dealing with stress and difficult emotions; and

c) do practical work on how you communicate, manage boundaries and deal with conflict. You’ll also build up a comprehensive toolkit of resources and strategies during this time.









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Visit the dedicated Eating Freely website now, and choose your Therapist most convenient to you. Most of our Therapists work online too, so geography is not a barrier to getting support.

Eating Freely Therapist Directory

NOT IN SANDYFORD? Don’t worry!

The Eating Freely Program is available here in Sandyford Wellness Centre, and in Dublin 2 – Herbert Place,  Rathgar,  Lucan,  Louth,  Wexford,  Kilkenny,  Cork,  Athlone and Tullamore, as well as the UK and Online. 

In the UK there are practitioners in North London and Plymouth, and the program can be completed online via secure video counselling for anyone outside of these areas.