The Eating Freely Program for Emotional & Binge Eating

Do you struggle with Emotional & Binge Eating?


Are you hiding the fact that you regularly emotionally eat or binge eat from friends and family?

Are you fed up of missing out on nights out, worrying about how you look and constantly criticising yourself?

Are you desperately trying to stop emotional eating or binge eating when all you really want to do is eat well and feel healthy?


Are you tired of saying “I’ll start again on Monday”, but never getting past Wednesday?


Are you ready to break up with your ‘Inner Critic’ who constantly beats you up and makes you feel bad?


Have you tried all the diet programs out there with no long-term weight loss success?


Are you ready to do something different that has been proven to actually work?

The Eating FreelyProgram combines four pillars of evidence-based, therapeutic support to address all aspects of emotional & binge eating.

30% of adults seeking support for weight loss meet the criteria for Binge Eating Disorder, which is not about Food, it's about Feelings. Research has comprehensively shown that dieting DOES NOT WORK. It is time to get to the real root of your relationship with food, your weight and your body.

We have Eating Freely Practitioners in Sandyford Wellness Centre - please visit the Counsellors Directory to find out who you can see here.

If you are not located in the South Dublin area, click the button below and check out the Eating Freely Practitioners Directory to find an Eating Freely Practitioner near you in Ireland, in the UK and the USA, or a Practitioner who can work online with you.

Not sure that 1-1 support from an Eating Freely Practitioner is the right support for you? You can also choose our Online Program, or our exclusive small group program & all inclusive 6 night retreat. We have support at every level.

Online Self-Directed Program

Sign up for our Eating Freely Online Program and work at your own pace,  in complete confidence from the comfort of your own home.  

Access the first session FREE, with no obligation – no credit card needed! You’ll receive a valuable, practical tool to immediately reduce binge episodes.