Online Self-help for Emotional Eating and Binge Eating

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Mindfulness for Ending Emotional Eating

In response to the number of women and men struggling with eating distress who find it extremely difficult to ask for help,Counsellor/Psychotherapist Emma Murphy, who specialises in Food, Body Image and Disordered Eating, has developed two online, self-help program that anybody over the age of 18 can purchase and work through safely and confidentially.

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Working with clients struggling with Emotional and Comfort Eating, Binge-Eating and Bulimia, both in a group setting and individually for over eight years, Emma realized how difficult it was for some clients with Eating Disorders to come forward and ask for help, and in particular for men with any form of eating distress or body image issues.

Clients with any form of eating disorder tend to have a similar personality type.  They tend to be perfectionistic, high achieving and think in a very black and white, all or nothing way.  Clients also tend to be seen as the ‘strong’ person in their family or social group, the person everyone else turns to with their problems.  It is therefore very difficult for them to admit that THEY have a problem, and most clients have an absolute fear or dread of appearing vulnerable or needy to people in their lives.


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This program is a 4 week, online program which you can access any time, 24/7 and will be available to you forever.  The program combines practical tools, tips and strategies for immediately reducing eating episodes (when you are not hungry), some nutritional and biological information that you may find surprising and will certainly explain any health or emotional issues you also experience, AND a combination of both neuroscience and mindfulness, so that you gain a proper insight into your own brain, how it works, how it can sabotage you all day long despite your very best intentions AND willpower, and how to STOP it from doing that in the future.


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This program is a 12 week, structured program which you can access any time, 24/7 and will be available to you forever.  The program is video based and incorporates an innovative “Virtual Group” whom you will follow each week to see how THEY got on with the same exercises, tools and challenges that the program sets YOU each week.  Each session combines psycho-education from Emma, a written or creative exercise to complete during the session, and feedback from the Virtual Group for you to compare with your experiences.  You’ll finish this program with a far deeper understanding of WHY you do what you do, but you’ll also be well equipped with a range of tools and resources to significantly REDUCE your negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

 SEI LogoEmma Murphy is a Social Entrepreneurs Ireland Elevator Award Winner, 2012.  This Award was given to Emma Murphy in recognition of her contribution to changing how adults can access psychotherapeutic support, and for making that support more accessible and affordable. Emma now has a private practice in Douglas, Cork and continues to work on developing online resources for adults with eating distress.