Executive Coaching, Personal Coaching & Career Coaching

What is Coaching?  

Coaching is a collaborative and structured conversation that enables you to gain clarity and supports you to reach your desired goals, such as: career development, performance improvement in the workplace, work-life balance, life purpose, job satisfaction, and build self-confidence and relationship enhancement.

The ICF – International Coach Federation, one of the coaching professional bodies, states that coaches should: “Partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential, which is particularly important in today’s uncertain and complex environment.”

The coaching process is purely focused on each client’s agenda, as coaches presuppose that clients are resourceful in finding their own answers through self-awareness, acceptance and openness to a new set options. In general, clients will do more of the talking and the coach will do more of the listening during the coaching sessions.

For the client and coach relationship to work, it should be based on a foundation of mutual respect and trust, honest feedback, confidentiality and the willingness to fully engage in the process. This will facilitate the best environment for growth and continuous development.

Moreover, it is important to align expectations before the coaching process starts, so that both coach and client have a clear understanding of their individual roles.

The role of the coach is to: listen, respond, empathise, validate, support, ask challenging questions, empower, provide timely and honest feedback and encourage self-reflection.

On the other hand, clients clarify their expectations and desired goals and set up their agenda per coaching session. For example, work related issues or areas they may wish to discover about themselves, as well as being open to hearing different perspectives. After reflection, clients very often try to do things differently in order to get better results.

Fabio Loyola, BA(hons) Psych, Dip Coach, Dip Career Coach  

Fabio is a fully qualified Career, Executive and Personal Coach, Associate Member of the Association for Coaching (AC), Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD-HR). Fabio has a BA (Hons) in Psychology, a Post-Graduate in Business Management, a Diploma in Business, Executive and Personal Coaching, and also a Diploma in Career Coaching.

Career Trajectory:

With over 20 years experience working in both private and public sectors, including 8 years as a HR Generalist and 4 years as a Senior Business Consultant for a number of blue-chip companies, such as PwC and Credit Suisse Investment Bank. He has proven expertise in organisational effectiveness, learning and development, change management and performance improvement projects across multiple business areas and industries, combining business consulting skills, project management, coaching and psychology disciplines in his approach.

Psychometric Assessments:

Fabio holds a certificate of BPS (The British Psychological Society) with full registration on the BPS Scheme: RQTU (Register of Qualifications in Test Use) and the EFPA (European Federation of Psychologists Associations), which allows him to work with a range of instruments on the career, executive and personal development coaching programmes.

In addition, he is certified as an Emotional Intelligence Assessor, EQ-i 2.0, EQ 360° – MHS and Assessor of Dimensions & Drivers (Personality and Motivations) – Talent Q, Korn Ferry & Hay Group.

Coaching Style, Interests & Line of Services:

Fabio’s coaching style is flexible and tailored to meet his clients’ needs. He has a keen interest in developing people towards fulfilling their potential in both their personal and professional lives.

He is also passionate about the challenges people face in the workplace, such as career management, work life balance, interpersonal and communication skills, leadership styles, time management, decision making, performance and change management. Moreover, he has an interest in the area of emotional intelligence and its application in the workplace.

Fabio provides one-to-one coaching interventions in 4 main lines of services:

o Career Coaching

o Executive Coaching

o Personal Development Coaching

o Career & Psychometric Assessments applied to Coaching

To contact Fabio and arrange an initial consultation, please email: info@mandalacoaching.ie or call 087 1604111.