Reduced and Low Cost Counselling



Reduced Cost Counselling

Our Reduced Cost Counselling Service is provided by a Qualified Therapist with experience of working with clients and currently working towards Accreditation – this takes about two years post-qualification.

So if you have an issue but cannot quite afford to attend a specialist or accredited Therapist, this may be a suitable alternative for you.   The fee for Reduced Cost Counselling is €40 and is available during the week – daytime and evenings.  Please note specialist issues like Eating Disorders, Addiction or Couples Counselling are not available on this service as these issues require an experienced Therapist with that specific expertise.

Low Cost Counselling – Saturday Clinic

Low cost counselling and free counselling services are often available to clients through various counselling training institutions.  This counselling is usually provided by a student in training to become a qualified therapist.  We are committed to supporting the development of competent, ethical and professional Counsellors and Psychotherapists, and we provide extensive support to our trainee team.

We currently offer a fully supervised, low cost counselling service in partnership with Zest Life Counselling College, provided by three fully supervised Trainee Counsellors, all of whom are mature students.  Our low cost service is available to anyone, subject to assessment for suitability with a fully qualified and accredited therapist before being allocated to a Trainee Counsellor.

Our low cost service is available on Saturdays and selected weekday mornings.  For your first session, you will be assessed by Debbie Farrell, one of our very experienced and Accredited Psychotherapists. The cost of the assessment session with Debbie is €60.

If your issue is suitable for a Trainee Counsellor, we will assign you to one of the trainees, and the cost per session thereafter is €25 per session.

Trainees have access to an experienced, accredited Psychotherapist every day that they see clients, as well as monthly supervision meetings within our centre, facilitated by two experienced, accredited Psychotherapists – Debbie Farrell, and Emma Murphy, who also owns the centre.  This is in addition to the supervision of Zest Life College AND each trainee’s individual Supervisor, which is a requirement for every Counsellor and Psychotherapist to have.

The most important aspect of any therapy is the relationship between client and therapist, so to an extent, a client may build a trusting and safe relationship with a Trainee Counsellor and make good progress with that Counsellor without difficulty.

The service is very suitable for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, bereavement/grief, relationship issues (individuals only), low self-esteem, stress and workplace issues.

For specialist support in areas like addiction, eating disorders or couples counselling, we regret our Low Cost Service would not be suitable.

However, some issues are complex, or deep rooted, and may be beyond the scope of a Trainee Counsellor.  A Trainee Counsellor may not have the necessary skills or experience or specialist training to adequately provide that strong basis of support needed for clients to trust in the relationship, or may not have the necessary specialised training for certain issues, for example abuse, addiction, or eating disorders – which are not suitable for our low cost service.

You will also have a review session with your Counsellor every six sessions, and if any issues are arising or the work is beyond the competency of a Trainee Counsellor, you’ll be referred back to Debbie Farrell for additional support and review.

To enquire about our low cost service or make an appointment for an initial assessment, please email us via our Contact Form.  Please state that you are interested in Low Cost Counselling.

If you wish to avail of low cost counselling for any specialist issues, please contact the following services:

Addiction:  Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Community Addiction Team.  A self-referral service which offers a wide range of supports and intervention for people and their families who are experiencing alcohol or drug abuse problems. Services include a drop in centre, counseling, family support and holistic therapies.

Eating Disorders: – offering free group services, both live and online, a telephone helpline, and an email support service. Please call them for information on any low cost counselling services in your area.

Couples/Relationship Therapy: Accord offers counselling on a sliding scale – based on what you can afford.

To enquire about our low cost service or make an appointment for an initial assessment, please email us via our Contact Form.  Please state that you are interested in Low Cost Counselling.