Reduced and Low Cost Counselling



Reduced Cost Counselling

Our Reduced Cost Counselling Service is provided by a Qualified Therapist with experience of working with clients and currently working towards Accreditation – this takes about two years post-qualification.

So if you have an issue but cannot quite afford to attend a specialist or accredited Therapist, this may be a suitable alternative for you.   The fee for Reduced Cost Counselling is €40 and is available during the week – daytime and evenings.  Please note specialist issues like Eating Disorders, Addiction or Couples Counselling are not available on this service as these issues require an experienced Therapist with that specific expertise.

Low Cost Counselling – Saturday Clinic

Our Low Cost Counselling service is provided by two Student Counsellors currently in training.  The service is available on Saturdays from 11-2pm, and on two weekday mornings from 10-1pm.

The service is very suitable for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, bereavement/grief, relationship issues, low self-esteem, stress and workplace issues.

Anyone can apply to attend this service – the fee is €25.  All potential clients will be initially assessed by an experienced, accredited Therapist to ensure the presenting issue is suitable for a Student Counsellor to work with, and full supervision and support is given to our trainees, both in house and with external supervision and support from their college.

The service is very suitable for anyone struggling with anxiety, depression, bereavement/grief, relationship issues (individuals only), low self-esteem, stress and workplace issues.

For specialist support in areas like addiction, eating disorders or couples counselling, we regret our Low Cost Service would not be suitable.

If you wish to avail of low cost counselling for any specialist issues, please contact the following services:

Addiction:  Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Community Addiction Team.  A self-referral service which offers a wide range of supports and intervention for people and their families who are experiencing alcohol or drug abuse problems. Services include a drop in centre, counseling, family support and holistic therapies.

Eating Disorders: – offering free group services, both live and online, a telephone helpline, and an email support service. Please call them for information on any low cost counselling services in your area.

Couples/Relationship Therapy: Accord offers counselling on a sliding scale – based on what you can afford.

To enquire about our low cost service or make an appointment for an initial assessment, please email us via our Contact Form.  Please state that you are interested in Low Cost Counselling.